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Welcome to Nurture Squared!

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Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home.

— Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)


Nurture Squared is an initiative to connect and support those who nurture their families at home and nurture their clients as service providers in their helping profession.

We are entrepreneurs and business people who are also stewards in building a better world, whether through parenting or community advocacy.  We practice peaceful, attachment-based relationship-building in our personal lives, and are building private practices which promote a peaceful and attachment-based world.

For those of us who balance attachment-based relationships while also growing and maintaining a business as service providers, we want a different way of doing business: one that stays true to our attachment philosophy while confidently spreading the word about who we are and how we can help others.  Please join us on a journey of self-reflection, business-direction, and marketing savvy, while thriving in our roles at home.


The mission of this group is to encourage a relationship-based on-line dialog among attachment-based entrepreneurs and professionals to build capacity, life balance, and business knowledge.  This is a place to share ideas, build each other up, inform each other of resources, and unleash the power of attachment-based business.

The scope is service providers who prioritize strength-based relationship-based practice as a central value in business and home life.  The intention is to provide a place for those who share knowledge and expertise as the main part of their professional role to meet and share ideas about work and family.  There is a particular focus on those in a mothering role.  However, anyone who feels they have a care-giving role at home, and who feels drawn to explore balanced and relationship-based private practice in a helping profession is encouraged to join us on this journey.

The focus is on private practitioners who work with families with babies and children. This includes educators, therapists, social workers, lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, and others who are in ‘helping professions’.  There are many helping professions beyond what I have listed: if you are from a helping profession, and the content and focus of Nurture Squared resonates with you, I encourage you to connect with us through this website and our facebook page, Nurture Squared.

The plan is to build a social network and an on-line means for sharing resources, supporting each other through business-related challenges such as developing a business that is authentic to our priorities, marketing, and providing high-value services that reduce our work demands and increase our work-family balance.  Online video jam sessions and in-person mastermind workshops will focus on problem-solving business challenges, removing self-induced and systemic barriers, and self-care.

I am excited about the opportunities to support one another in our endeavours.

With gratitude,
Heather Boyd

Who’s Heather?

I’m a private practice occupational therapist, mom of three, and the founder of Nurture Squared. I started Nurture Squared because I needed support as an entrepreneur and private practitioner –after 15+ years in the public sector, my knowledge and comfort level with private practice was low and it felt like a pretty lonely endeavor. The idea was born out of a passing comment from Kate Rita, a fitness practitioner focused on pre- and post-natal core strengthening. In response to a chat we had on how challenging private practice is she said “you should start something”. And so I did!

Nurture Squared started as a platform for mothers who were private practice owners in the helping professions. We profiled members and sharing the feelings and thoughts they had around their private practice. Nurture Squared has since evolved into a source of mentorship (through interviews of seasoned entrepreneurs), and inspiration (from practitioners who think outside the box). We’ve also widened our scope to include those who create and make art, those who are not parents, and those who feel drawn to the mission we have to build our businesses while prioritizing meaningful relationships and making the world a better place.

As we each navigate how to build healthy and nurturing businesses while also nurturing the relationships we have with others (our family, people around us, and the wider world), Nurture Squared is here to build enthusiasm and give a big lift up for those of us making our way through the world as business owners.

I welcome you warmly, and encourage you to get in touch if you have questions.