This is a wee snippet of the business-related resources and coaching available with us (mothers + nurturers + service providers + entrepreneurs + private practitioners) in mind.

In terms of coaching, take advantage of the information provided for free on line.  If you are looking for coaching, please know that the below list is not an endorsement but a consolidation of those coaches that seem to appreciate the unique challenges of nurturing a business and a family, or that focus on strategies to make work hours efficient and valuable.  Many of them also have a mothering role at home.

Everyone’s needs and expectations are different: gather reviews from those you trust, and trust your gut.  Doing so could lead to some amazing discoveries about yourself and your business.

I’ve divided resources into: Business Coaches/Mentors, Books, and Websites.

Business Coaches and Mentors

Sherry Rothwell, British Columbia: holistic nutritionist and women’s business coach

Bebomia, Toronto: Business Mentorship and Business Support for doulas


These books focus on service provider sectors and cover doing more in less time, marketing your authentic self, identifying your expertise, and finding your niche market (among other things!):

Silva, P. (2017). Badass Your Brand: The impatient entrepreneur’s guide to turning expertise into profit. Worstofall Publishing.