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Nurture Squared is evolving!


Nurture Squared is a supportive and thought-provoking entrepreneurial group –the village I didn’t know I needed! 

I thought about joining my local Business Association but it didn’t feel like a good fit for me or my business.  So I started Nurture Squared, instead.

I had wanted to network with others, to share ideas, to reflect, and to develop a clearer compass of where I was going in my business and how to maintain my priorities at home –and finding a way to do that online has meant feeling like I have a “professional village” and a “family village” together.  I never intended on having a private practice, and while I feel confident in my professional skills, I am still new to running a practice and all that it entails.

We may be experts in our field, but figuring out how to manage the business side of things and juggling life’s demands is a whole other ball of wax.



Connecting with others who are experiencing similar challenges, and who share their perspectives has been amazing.  There haven’t been any sure answers to my questions about business and family, but it has been so rewarding to have this group to explore some of the exciting possibilities.

Exploring possibilities for your professional practice is a journey.  But all that starts with the first step.

Start small.  Grow from there.

Joining Nurture Squared means that you:

  1. Have access to monthly online Jam Sessions for exploring key issues and challenges for your business and your family;
  2. Get “live access” to monthly interviews with mentors, experts, and authors in the areas of small business, and raising families;
  3. Get access to recorded interviews if you can’t be there live.
  4. Have your Nurture Squared profile presented on and shared to LinkedIn and facebook.


To join, click here.  


In 2019 donations covered 85% of our (small) operational expenses (website domain and Zoom media software for group meetings). My goal is that 2020 will see an increase in the value people get our of nurture squared (networking, profiles, directory, and resources) as well as an increase in donations to cover the expenses. So far, in 2020 we’ve supported you with coaching interviews, group calls, and information on how to pivot to the online space.


(The link you receive when you register may be out of date –we’re running on volunteer power!– but when the next event is approaching, you’ll receive an email with all the updated information you will need). If you have questions, email us at, or see here for more details about joining Nurture Squared.