Nurture Squared interviews and mini-workshops are opportunities to tap into the wisdom and expertise of others who have started their own private practices.

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List of Interviews

How to organize an online conference (Andrea and Richard Strang).

August 2019:

Stacy Maskell shares her personal story and has wisdom to share with whose journey is different than what they planned. She also shares some of what has made a difference in making their Priestess Certification Program a success.

Note: there are some patchy internet connections in this interview that interfere with replay. Despite the recording glitches this interview has so much to offer.

You can find Stacy at and

Lara McCulloch

This interview with Lara McCulloch is an opportunity to tap into Lara’s 20 years of marketing. She highlights the importance of confidence in your competence, understanding your clients’ needs, and knowing how you can help by connecting your clients’ needs with your expertise.

You can find Lara at

July 2019:

Crystal Donak, social media consultant and mother of two from Burlington Ontario has graciously agreed to another interview –the one we recorded three months ago disappeared into internet land. This interview is now up and running.  I’ll be asking her how to tame the monster called SOCIAL MEDIA! Crystal can be reached at

May 2019:

Louise Gleeson, writer and mother of four,  shares insights into writing, mothering, imperfection, and authenticity.  For those wanting to incorporate writing into their personal and professional lives (which Louise believes everyone ought to do!), Louise has some hacks for making that work in a busy family, even if your head is full of ideas and you have a hard time getting them on paper.  Her interview is here. You can find Louise at

May 2019

Judy Arnall, certified child development specialist, non-profit entrepreneur, writer, author, keynote speaker, and unschooling parent of five shares her motivations, failures, successes, and life hacks on developing a niche business while parenting from infancy to adulthood.  See her interview here and find Judy at and

April 2019:

Angela Sacco of Between Mothers shares the wisdom that comes from running her own prenatal yoga studio.  She talks about the importance of mindset, what helps her find balance, how things have shifted as her kids have grown older, and how she makes it work (Psst: it involves recruiting help –we don’t need to do it all).  See her interview here and reach Angela at

Word Press 101 with Brad Beaulieu. Brad, word press officianado and small business website support entrepreneur, joined me for a half hour “mini-workshop” on the high level ins and outs of Word Press.  We talk about recent changes to Word Press, how to decide if Word Press is the way to go (aka why Word Press is a great choice), what is SEO (and how to maximize it), and more.  If you want to reach Brad about getting support or guidance on your Word Press website, his email is

March 2019:

Interview with Matt Bodnar.  Matt Bodnar, founder of the very popular Science of Success Podcast sat down for an interview with Nurture Squared this month.  He reflects on the role that failure has in entrepreneurial endeavours, how creativity drives the process, the importance of people and relationships, and how to develop a ‘learning architecture’ to take in and retain new information.  In addition to his podcast, Matt was named one of Forbes “30 under 30”,  is an entrepreneur and investor, and has an interest in meditation and sustainable farming. 

How to Use Canva to Create a Vision Board

This 30 minute mini-workshop explains how to design and print a vision board using, a free on-line program for creating online and print materials. 

February 2019

Skill-Building Workshop: Shine-On with Lucy Colangelo On February 27 at 8-9:30pm EST, Lucy Colangelo will be giving her Shine-On Clarity Mapping Workshop. A full “delving in” of her Shine-On method, Lucy will focus on the key pieces we need to reflect on in her 7 step process. This workshop is $149/person or $99 for Nurture Squared Members (membership is $35 for the year). Sign up at or through our sign up sheet at

Interview with a Mentor: Allison Kares, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Personal Trainer of the Year (Impact Magazine, 2018).AllisonKaresportraitKey Concepts: Allison talks about the hurdles of entrepreneurship, the surprises and successes, the importance of teamwork, how to get comfortable talking about money and how to appreciate your value. Allison is a natural mentor to both those in the field of pilates and to team members and local professionals: she really takes to heart the idea that collaborating and mentoring builds capacity for everyone.  We recorded this live on location at Movement Unlimited Inc. in Niagara.  Access the video here.


Key Concepts: This 30 minute mini-workshop guides us through the 7 steps of mapping your business, from identifying your mission and purpose, to laying out a focus for marketing. Members of Nurture Squared receive a handout for this workshop. See the membership tab of to join. This workshop is available here. 

Join Nurture Squared for the handout and mark your calendars for February 27th’s full workshop online. 

January 2019: Renee Delaney, Founder of the social enterprise, Small Scale Farms Niagara   

Key Concepts: This authentic and honest 30 minute interview talks about community needs, finding your village, overcoming hardships, and what exactly is a social enterprise. The interview is available on YouTube.


December 2018:   Dawn Mucci, Founder and CEO of and Canada’s Top Mayor Award

Key concepts: thankfulness, juggling and struggling, paying attention to opportunity, the importance of recruiting support and inspiring those who work with you. Watch it here.


November 2018: Rachel Marie Martin, author of The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again, and

Key Concepts:  Authenticity, removing your mask, balancing parenting in early childhood, finding the courage to connect

Listen to the interview here. And watch the interview on YouTube here.