Here are resources and links about business models, marketing, and social media presence that are potentially useful to an attachment-based nurturing businesses.  Browse for links and resources on managing pdfs, helpful websites and podcasts, books, social media spam legislation, and more.


If you’re trying to “do stuff” with pdfs, this free site is worth checking out.
Its free version allows 2 tasks per day.  SmallPDF is an online resource that allows, among several other PDF magic, to:
  1. Add a multi-page pdf to the resources section of my website that people can flip through or download.
  2. Combine pdfs into one document (which is awesome for sending to Staples so that I don’t have to enter a code for 20 different one-page documents).

Business Websites and Podcasts

Matt Bodnar, Science of Success

Success Magazine

I’ve Read It and Recommend It

Brene Brown (2018). Dare to Lead.

John Clear (2018). Atomic Habits: An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones.

Donald Miller (2018). Building a Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Clients.

Sheryl Sandberg (2013).  Lean In.

I’ve Read It and It Might Be Worth Reading Again

Pia Silva (2017). Badass Your Brand: An Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit.


Social Media and Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

2000px-No-spam.svg wikimedia commons

Legislation in Canada came into effect in January 2014 that sets out clear guidelines for electronic communication by businesses.  In short, these four criteria must be met when sending messages electronically (on social media, through SMS, by email, or by text, for example).  The criteria are as follows.

  1. You must have the person’s consent;
  2. You must include your mailing address;
  3. You must have an unsubscribe option; and
  4. You must be truthful.

See Nurture Squared CASL blog for more details and resources. Keep in mind that your professional college will also have guidelines regarding electronic communication, and determining how to meet those expectations is an important part of ethical (and legal!) business.