Matt Bodnar on the Role of Failing, Learning, and Relationships in Building a Business

Matt Bodnar, founder of the very popular Science of Success Podcast sat down for an interview with Nurture Squared in March of 2019. The interview was posted and shared in Nurture Squared’s interview directory but never got showcased in a blog –so without further adieu, give this a listen (and then head on over to your favourite podcast app and listen to the Science of Success –the breadth of researchers, writers, and thinkers that he has interviewed is wide, and his view on success aligns well with Nurture Squared).

 In this interview, Matt reflects on the role that failure has in entrepreneurial endeavours, how creativity drives the process, the importance of people and relationships, and how to develop a ‘learning architecture’ to take in and retain new information.  In addition to his podcast, Matt was named one of Forbes “30 under 30”,  is an entrepreneur and investor, and has an interest in meditation and sustainable farming. 

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