Mindset and Money: An Interview with Tarzan Kay

Tarzan is a copywriter, email launch strategist, and educator who teaches copywriters and service providers how to practice their trade with integrity and write engaging emails that actually get opened!

I’ve got to say I was actually more nervous about this interview than I was about interiewing Matt Bodnar of The Science of Success podcast (which gets released on NurtureSquared.com on December 18th). I’m not sure why I was nervous: I’ve met Tarzan in person around town and at the occasional backyard barbecue (that should have made it easier, right?) and even attended one of her epic life events for copywriters and service providers (pre-pandemic of course, which feels like a lifetime ago). Her incredible drive, her passion for honest (and funny as heck) emails, and her deep integrity make her a really amazing person. And her ability to pull that all together into a thriving business makes me grateful that Tarzan shared her time with me for this interview.

Tarzan shares her insights and experiences here in finding her way, growing her business, and doing the deep personal work around mindset. This interview explores personality (and how that impacts your writing), learning from mistakes, and knowing your value.

Tarzan can be found at http://www.tarzankay.com

Do you have thoughts about this or any other video at Nurture Squared? Drop me a line at nurturesquaredpractitioner@gmail.com –If I don’t answer right away, I’m probably out geocaching emersed in a good book, or trying to figure out what to make for dinner that will satisfy the hungry bellies in our house.


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