Taking A Different Path: Interview with Stacy Maskell

Stacy Maskell’s Nurture Squared interview is now online!

Stacy works with her partner, Vanessa, running an online program from their home in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Vanessa’s “Priestess Training” focuses on spiritual transformation and personal growth. As described on their website, “it’s more important than ever for women to step into their light and share their wisdom with courage and strength”. From that quote alone you’ll appreciate why I wanted to talk with Stacy.

Stacy shares her personal story and has wisdom to share with whose journey is different than what they planned. She also shares some of what has made a difference in making their Priestess Certification Program a success.

Note: there are some patchy internet connections in this interview that interfere with replay. Despite the recording glitches this interview has so much to offer.

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