Summer: A Time for Anticipation, Reflection, and Growth

Hi everyone!

Happy Summer!

First, some easy housekeeping: I am putting Jam Sessions on summer vacation! This will give us a break from late evening get togethers on line, and instead I’ll suggest you consider late evenings on your patio or deck with a good book

I’ll be putting my attention towards interviews (we have a few lined up and I am excited). I am so grateful to those who have shared their time, and grateful to you for listening to them and letting me in on the impact they’ve had.

I also very much want to start doing profiles again. To facilitate that, I will be using Mailchimp’s Nurture Squared email list. This will make it infinitely easier to mail out profile questions and keep track of it. If you would consider writing up a blurb about yourself (which may, time permitting, lead to a short interview to share your story and your wisdom and passion), and you have not already signed up for Nurture Squared online, please sign up here:

I will, over the next month, refresh our profile questions, and send them your way. Peruse them, reflect on them, and then share your story! You have wisdom and you have insights and a passion for nurturing others (through listening, healing, and creating) and it is amazing to get to share that with each other. You have value that extends so far beyond your income, and that value is reaching others in ways you aren’t even aware of yet.Nurture Squared has been running for 15 months now and it has continued to surprise me with connections made, wisdom shared, and opportunities for collaboration. This has been a wonderful thing that exceeds what I expected when I sent out that first call for interested nurturing professionals a year ago last April.

So here we go -with a year behind us, a summer ahead of us, and so many more surprises and insights to discover.


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