From the Heart

Happy Saturday!

I’m taking this lull in the action here at my home to thank you all for going on this journey with me. I’m enthusiastic about what kind of support and encouragement and mentorship we can give each other both in our roles as entrepreneurs in the helping professions and in our roles in making our homes nurturing places for the little people in our lives –and the big people in our lives too!

I have been encouraged by your support over the last weeks and months in terms of what this group means, and where it can head.

I took a risk switching this to a membership based group –but as I reflected on the ideas around respecting the value of things we do, and around making this sustainable, this decision respects that. But then I look around at the social media feeds that push six figure goals, and $50 a month Mastermind groups and wonder if I have made a mistake. Then I pause, and I think about what we’re really trying to do here: we all want to have thriving businesses and professional lives but not at the expense of our other big important life work and values –all in balance.

This is about nurturing. And I think the biggest piece that this group addresses is bring a little bit of nurturing to ourselves –we get to focus on the struggles and rewards that set us apart from others (or at least what I feel sets us apart –my world view gets a bit distorted being surrounded by amazing people!). We get to connect with others who are experiencing similar things or who view the world through a similar lens as us –and who still challenge us to think differently.

Credit: Denise Carbonell

We are, each of us, doing important work. We each have visions and goals and aspirations. For many of us, those are tempered and diluted sometimes by other commitments and priorities, however short or long term those priorities are. Raising little people. Managing chronic illness. Being a single parent. Focusing on all kinds of meaningful relationships both within our homes and beyond. Trailblazing into areas of practice that aren’t well understood or are so novel as to be a little scary or lonely at times. All of this –all of it– is important work.

As we head towards our first interview for 2019 with Renee Delaney, I teeter a bit on how to pull this all together in a way that feels right. But I am determined this year to ignore the voice in my ear that says “this will be judged” and instead to listen to the voice my heart that says “this feels right”.

I hope that regardless of where you are in your journeys (and yes, that’s plural), one of your journeys will be with us here. It means taking a bit of a risk –taking a chance to invest a bit of your time (and a bit of your money) to make a go of it this year.

I’m not a sales person. I’m not even sure if I am an “entrepreneur”. But I am passionate. And I have lots of ideas. And I really really look forward to connecting with you over the coming months to explore all these messy, wonderful, scary, and enticing challenges that make this all worthwhile.

If you’re feeling “all in” about all this, join us officially for the year. If you feel tentatively enthusiastic, then test it out for the next few months (for free) and see how it feels. Either way, it is worthwhile getting on the mailing list so that you get all the links for the online meetings and interviews we’ll be having regularly.

And now, as I close, I have Eurasure’s “Take a Chance On Me” in my head –and since I am open and honest (perhaps to a fault!), I’ll end with that.

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