Barking Up the Wrong Tree: How to be Awesome at Life

barking up the wrong treeI’m hooked quite a bit on the Science of Success podcast. Currently, I’m listening to an interview with Eric Barker, author of “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”.
Barker talks a lot about understanding not your passion, but your strengths: what are you GOOD AT.  The science says this pays off in feeling happy, and respected in the work you do. If we spend time doing things we are good at, and find a way to monetize it (why does that feel like a dirty word?), we can make bigger gains (in many ways) in our entrepreneurial endeavours.
Eric also talks about the benefits of quitting (when grit gets in our way of actually achieving what we have in mind) and that in the right environment (our ideal environment?) “negative” traits are assets.  If what you bring to what you do is not a good fit and isn’t valued, then you are not getting to use who you are to make a change in the world.
Lastly –and here I am throwing out a challenge to you– he said understanding your signature strengths (maybe it’s writing, stubbornness, empathy, etc) is easier if we ask others close to us who they believe we are/ what are our characteristics.
So here is the challenge. Ask three (or more!) close friends or colleagues to tell you who they see you are. The more people you ask, the more you will see a pattern of some key characteristics that perhaps you did not realize about yourself. This self-knowledge can help guide you in the decisions you make about what direction you take your business.  This process is not meant to make us feel uncomfortable, or discouraged.  We can have compassion for our own struggles, and, if combining this with knowledge of our strengths and challenges, we can reach a sense of self-actualization –that place we can fulfil our talents and potential.
And if you know me well I would love to hear from you –who am I in your eyes?  What are my strengths?  What holds me back?  Feel free to share on our facebook page or email me at –I’d really love to know myself better.   
ask three people who know you well....png

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