Joining the Nurture Squared Initiative


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When I started Nurture Squared in April 2018 I had questions –lots of questions!– about how to grow my practice while balancing my priorities of being present for my kids.  It turned out I wasn’t alone.

Over the past two years, those who have come along on this adventure have explored a lot of these questions, pondered priorities, and been mindful of how our perceptions and use of time and energy make ripples that affect not only our families but our clients and patients too. I’ve come to realize that none of the big questions about my business and my life come with clear answers.   How to find balance, grow, be authentic and find joy in the process are not things that have a final “answer”.  It really is a journey.

But there is one thing I am sure of.  The journey is easier and more rewarding when surrounded by supportive people who have a similar vision for their families and their private practice or small business.

I have a vision for Nurture Squared.  One that builds on what we’ve already done and that makes it more sustainable.  I feel a pull to help Nurture Squared grow into a stronger force of nurturers mentoring each other, and exchanging ideas, struggles, and successes.

When we support each other, our power to make change grows exponentially.  And so, I am encouraging those whose values and businesses align with Nurture Squared to officially join (for free).   By signing up   members:

  1. Have access to monthly online Jam Sessions for exploring key issues and challenges for your business and your family;
  2. Get “live access” to monthly interviews with mentors, experts, and authors in the areas of small business, and raising families;
  3. Get access to recorded interviews if you can’t be there live; and
  4. Have a profile of you and your practice of business presented on and shared to LinkedIn and facebook.

If you value support-based relationships, and personal growth, and want to join us on this adventure please sign up here.


So what does this mean? 

For those who have participated in the past, some of Nurture Squared’s initiatives will now be available to those who have officially joined Nurture Squared.  Things like: monthly Jam Sessions (intimate, interactive, intuitive, and always interesting); live access to monthly interviews with leaders in the fields of helping professions, entrepreneurship, and small business; and profiles of members that let people in on who you really are and what motivates you.  Access to an online group coaching session is also in the works.

Until February 1st anyone can still sit in on interviews and join Jam Sessions.  So if you haven’t participated yet and want to see what it is all about, try it all out in January!

Is it free?!  

Yes.  It is free for members.

(Psst: It’s never technically been free:  your time has value.  It’s just a matter of spending it in ways that are meaningful).

Each of us have a fixed amount of time in a day.  We choose to spend this time in ways that we value. Nurture Squared has been a meaningful and valuable way to spend my time, and I am excited to continue to connect regularly on our facebook page, our website, and through zoom meetings.  

There are operating costs for Nurture Squared.  However, as we grow, there will be opportunities for networking, connecting, and cross-referring that, for me, will be worth it. Having said that, if you feel that Nurture Squared has time-value and monetary value, I welcome any donation as a way of off-setting costs. or e-transfers to are always appreciated. In our first year, we had donations that offset the full cost of the website plus a vast majority of the Zoom conference software that allowed us to meet online as a group.

“Is Nurture Squared for me?”

For those looking for a community of entrepreneurs who thrive on supporting one another, and growing their business and their perspectives, Nurture Squared is a place to do that.  Made up of those intent on making the world a better place (for their families and for their clients and patients), Nurture Squared participants have a vision of doing business that reflects their view that collaboration can exist amidst competition, and that building others up builds us up too.

Anyone who identifies with a nurturing role both at home and professionally is welcome. Mostly this has been those with a mothering role at home and those in the helping professions.  Often it is those with their own small business, and occasionally they are also homeschooling parents. Always, we are people who value authenticity, self-reflection, transparent ethical business models, and professional expertise or self-created products.  Profiles on Nurture Squared will be about those who provide services and expertise or products they make or have designed.

“OK, where do I sign up?”
Sign up here. This group is only as great as its members and I want that to include you.  Email me if you feel this is a significant barrier: 

After you sign up, I’ll be in touch asking for some more information about your business so we can have a directory of members and be better able to collaborate together.  We may start out small, but we are mighty –I’m excited about this.

Until then, please email me if you have any questions: or, for more immediate replies, (my day job!).

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