Connection and Distraction: Jam Session Recap

social media addiction
Connected to the Point of Distraction: -we jammed about the focus on limiting our children’s screen time while forgetting about the impact of our own screen time on parenting, being present, and being connected ‘off line’. -I admitted to realizing I was spending an excessive amount of time on facebook (partly legitimately, partly roaming, and nearly always inefficiently)

October’s Jam Session on “Connected to the Point of Distraction” was fantastic. We talked about the impact of ‘screen time’ on parenting, which is a particular challenge for work-from-home entrepreneurs where working from home is usually synonymous with working online. For non-parents the impact may not be on kiddos, but may still affect your time, how content you are with online use, and satisfaction with the process.

Some of the strategies we discussed for trimming down on social media connectivity (and making that time count was):
1. To do lists with specific tasks to complete when online;
2. Specific chunks of time for checking, rather than becoming an absent minded habitual checker;
3. Tracking time on line with an app, and setting goals to reduce that time if it is not related to useful ‘output’;
4. Mindfulness and awareness regarding habitual checking;
5. Pausing before getting on line to decide if there is a specific purpose or whether it is habitual;
6. Making screens and devices inconvenient (in a cupboard, turned off, windows closed) to make it more mindful.

I’m looking forward to re-claiming hours of my time, and making my screen time USEFUL instead of habitual in the coming months….

And part of that is continuing to do Jam Sessions –a chance to connect “face to face” in a meaningful and intentional way on screen, rather than roaming and getting off track. I’d trade in all the social media time in the world for that kind of meaningful connectivity. 



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