Welcome Brandie Hadfield, Sleep Educator and Family Health and Nutrition Coach!

I’m excited to profile one participant of nurture squared each week.  The intent is not to advertise (though, in effect, I am), but rather is to use this profile as a way to get to know each other, our business challenges, and our personal approach to our nurturing profession.  This will help us become a more cohesive group, and will make it easier to support each other through the questions and challenges we share.  See all profiles completed so far at Profiles.



Brandie Hadfield is mom of two terrific young kiddos.  She has extended her nurturing influence well beyond family as owner and founder of DREAM with Brandie Hadfield, an infant sleep consultation company (focused on attachment-based, non-cry-it-out alternatives to sleep challenges).  She is co-creator and instructor of an on-line Infant Sleep Educator certification course with bebo mia inc, and also works with Dr. William Sears as a Lifetime certified family health and nutrition coach.

Brandie’s passion for practicing and promoting attachment-based parenting led her down the path of becoming current president of Attachment Parenting Canada.  She exudes nurturing, life balance, and motivation in a way that requires me to remind myself that we all have different drives, and individual thresholds for multi-tasking.

The statement on her DREAM with Brandie Hadfield website seems to sum up her mission well and hits a chord with what I envision with nurture squared.  Reading it gives me goosebumps:

“A haven for women who desire to exist beyond the role of mother, while still celebrating what an honour it is to be a mom”.


What has been (or is) a big hurdle for you, personally, in developing your business, and what has helped?
The biggest hurdles were early on, when I was not sure I was “enough” – you know, the old “imposter syndrome”.  I spoke with a mentor at The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute who helped me reframe my expertise and experience and was genuinely excited for what I could offer.  Hearing this spoken from the mouth of someone I viewed as an expert in her field, was hugely influential.  Another time this happened was with Natasha Marchand at bebo mia inc, who spent years talking to me about developing our Infant Sleep Educator certification.  It took her actually getting on a bus and travelling two hours to talk face to face, to light the fire I needed to just believe in myself.  I think all of us get caught into the trap of feeling like we have to keep adding to our resume before we just GO FOR IT.  I learned if I don’t, someone else will!  I focus on my strengths and spend my time working and learning.  I think it is important to surround yourself with incredible people who believe in you who you respect mutually.  Working with other experts also helps maintain your vibration, your self-regard, and your balance.
What has been (or is) a big accomplishment for you, personally, in your business?
Getting my family’s nutrition to the next level was a huge learning curve, even as someone certified in Family Nutrition!  I actually had to take some time away from working to spend all of my time and mental bandwidth on these new changes.  There was so much I did not know in regards to the special requirements it turned out we all had, nutritionally speaking.  Once new habits became second nature, and we were all reaping the benefits, many other benefits cascaded as a result, for one, my business!!  Not only am I much more effective, now that I have more energy, stamina and focus — my kids are much more laid back and we have far less behavioural issues to deal with.  Having a healthy self and healthy family frees me up a TON, and there is hundred times less stress now in our home.  I am blown away daily by the night and day difference!  My increased positive mindset means that I also don’t get bogged down by negativity, which is a HUGE time waster!
What has been the single most helpful shift you’ve made to continue to feel your life at home still reflects your values and priorities?
Becoming minimalist (still a work in progress for sure), really makes me feel mentally “light”.  My values are to live my life with love, and to inspire healthy living.  You don’t need a lot of “stuff” to do either of those things, in fact, the less, the better!  It is important that young kids have lots of room to run, jump and rough-house, so we ensure our home is a place that all of those things can be accomplished, and where we don’t mind being cooped up in during the peak of winter or a rainy day.  As well, creating office “pockets” or stations that I can work while they play (the kitchen, bedroom and living room areas) as well as one sanctuary where I can close the door if I need to concentrate.
Brandie’s website is https://brandiehadfield.com/

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