Welcome Kate Rita, Personal Trainer!

I’m excited to profile one participant of nurture squared each week.  The intent is not to advertise (though, in effect, I am), but rather is to use this profile as a way to get to know each other, our business challenges, and our personal approach to our nurturing profession.  This will help us become a more cohesive group, and will make it easier to support each other through the questions and challenges we share.  See all profiles completed so far at Profiles.


babyplank-300x225Kate Rita is mom to two awesome kiddos and has the distinct privilege of snuggling some pretty new babies in her business as a personal trainer who focuses on pre- and post-natal fitness.  I’ve known her since before she set out on her own and it’s been exciting to see her own business grow.

In addition to nurturing her kids and her backyard garden, she adds quite a nurturing touch to her work by making sure new moms focus on taking time to take care of themselves.  I don’t think I’d ever taken my fitness quite as seriously while pregnant as I did until I worked with her –she even squeezed in a few moments each session to release a muscle I didn’t know was tight!

Kate’s business, and the focus she puts on educating others, and on high standards of practice, really epitomizes Nurture Squared.  She has a particular passion for preventing and repairing diastasis rectus and pelvic floor prolapse.  If a young mom can develop greater physical health, she will have much more to give to her new infant.

 I asked Kate:
What has been a big hurdle for you in developing your business, and what has helped?  

The biggest hurdle for me personally in developing my business has been finding professionals to align myself with. When I have tried collaborating or participating in a team I have found that conflicting business values have resulted in miscommunication and ultimately failure. I know that real success requires failure, so I maintain hope that this process is helping to guide me in attracting the people I need and want- clients and colleagues both.


What has (or is) a big accomplishment for you, personally, in your business?

The biggest accomplishment for me personally in my business is the client relationships I have cultivated and the retention that has resulted in. Not only is it a steady reliable source of income over years, but it also has been a source of tremendous support for me personally, as my clients have come to care about me too. My clients have stayed with me because they are happy with their results. That is also the best professional feedback ever! Helping improve people’s physical wellness in a long term sustainable way is a very rewarding thing to do every day.


What has been the single most helpful shift you’ve made to continue to feel your life at home still reflects your values and priorities?

The single most helpful shift that I have made to maintain my home values is to really commit to balancing work time vs home time. As an entrepreneur there is always more money to be made when we work more. I choose to work to earn the income I need. In my downtime I do not habitually pursue business promotion. I choose to explore the mastery of my hobbies (music and gardening) and spend time with my kids who will never again be this young!


Thanks Kate for sharing your thoughts.  OK, who’s next?…..

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