The Journey Begins

Welcome to Nurture Squared!

Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home.

— Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Denise Carbonell
Credit: Denise Carbonell

We are mothers who nurture at home, and professionals who nurture our clients. For those of us who balance attachment-based parenting while also growing and maintaining a business in a helping profession, we want a different way of doing business: one that stays true to our attachment philosophy while confidently spreading the word about who we are and how we can help others. Please join us on a journey of self-reflection, business-direction, and marketing savvy, while maintaining our fulfilling nurturing roles at home.

This is a place to share ideas, build each other up, inform each other of resources, and unleash the power of attachment-based business.


The mission of this supportive and reflective group is to encourage a relationship-based on-line dialog among attachment-based entrepreneurs and professionals to build capacity, life balance, and business knowledge.

The scope is any business person or professional who prioritizes nurturing as a central value in business and home life. This group is in development, and will evolve over time to reflect needs and ideas.

There is a particular focus on those in a mothering role.  However, anyone who feels they have a mothering or nurturing role at home and in business, and who feels drawn to explore balanced and relationship-based private practice is encouraged to join us on this journey.

I have in mind a focus, in particular, on those who support families with children, particularly if they run their own private practice. This includes educators, therapists, social workers, lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, and others who are in ‘helping professions’.

I am excited about the opportunities to support one another in our endeavours.

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